The Soloist is an individually designed and co-constructed program focused on working toward goals within a weekly structure, using online engagement and writing. In keeping with a certain social and cultural relevance, this collaborative approach to written exploration allows a person to gain clarity and direction, increase awareness and mindfulness, and get on with the business of living life with regard to:

  • Reframing one’s narrative as a way of motivating change
  • Rethinking & reassessing earlier goals as they pertain to work, artistic and entrepreneurial endeavors, and relationships
  • Navigating life transitions and stages, and engaging questions about one’s purpose & direction
  • Exploring and reconnecting your creative talents & passions
  • Getting organized & getting things done
  • Doing the personal work to find out what makes you happy
  • Having more play and fun in your life
  • Getting unstuck & making changes

Several options are available:

Introduction $150
An introduction to the online engagement and personal development program that allows one to experience the format, structure, and interactive process.  Gives a feel for the collaborative experience. Structure is over the course of a week for a total of 90 minutes, including:

  • A 30 minute phone conversation
  • 60 minutes of interactive email process, spanning 5-7 days in length
  • 1 or more written exercises
  • Keeping a journal

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Intensive $350
An extended consultation. Using the program structure and format, a person can work intensely for 3 hours in the course of a day. Ideal for those who want to have an extended conversation and exploration for a specific goal, problem solving, or decision-making. Examples include creating a plan for job seeking, addressing a conflict, and beginning a life transition. Includes:

  • 2 30-minute phone conversations
  • Written exchanges and exercises between calls

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The Soloist
3-week: $600 in advance or 3 weekly payments of $225
6-week: $1200 in advance or 6 weekly payments of $225
12-week: $2400 in advance or 12 weekly payments of $225

A 90-minute weekly process which includes:

  • Weekly 30-minute phone conversation
  • 60 minutes of email exchanges
  • Writing exercises
  • 5 weekly check-in texts

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Sign-up & Set-up
Includes signing of agreement and a brief phone introduction

Soloist Agreement Please download this form, check boxes & sign, and email to

This is best opened in Adobe Reader. You can download free here: